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Church Services at St Laurences - Hougham
3rd Sunday of Lent
Hougham - Benefice Eucharist
Sun, 24/03/2019 - 10:00am

From the Vicarage

Dec 2018   Strangers on a Train

From the vicarage

On a train journey recently, Mrs Vicarage announced that she would like a cup of tea. So, Yours Truly duly made his way to the On-Board Shop (that’s what the Buffet Car is called now) in search of refreshments.

Arriving at the On-Board Shop, I stood at the counter and expected to be greeted with the usual “Can I help you?” The attendant, however, was chewing the end of a pen and puzzling over a form that she was trying to fill in. Looking up, she waved her pen towards me and asked if I could help her!

Chuch of England Prayers

From Christians Together in Dover

  • Dover Foodbank: - thanks, as always, for your continuing support of the Dover Foodbank. If you can, please leave donations of any items from the list in the green boxes at church – thank you. The latest 'shopping list' is available at


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The sick: Ted Peel, Joe, Wendy, Mary Barker, John Carter, Pam Sayers, Steven Mitchell, Susie Pope